003. Omnidirectional sneaking shooting “GALAK-Z” (PS4, PSVita, Windows)

Charge: Unknown (Under development)
Official website: GALAK-Z : : The Dimensional
Developer: 17-Bit Hyper Depth

GALAK-Z. It is a modernized shooting game blending Subspace and Metal Gear Solid.



It seems old-fashioned shooting game. But an advanced AI and thoughtful gunship operation make DEEPLY MODERNIZED SHOOTING GAME! (quoted from the flyer)

GALAK-Z is an omnidirectional shooting or sneaking game which looks like Robot Animation.

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002. Vintage like shooting game “INFINOS 2” (Windows)

Charge: Unknown (Under development)
Official website:  PICORINNE SOFT

First of all, watch the movie above. You would like to play this game, won’t you?

I'm approaching enemy fleets at Stage 1.

I’m approaching enemy fleets at Stage 1.

 A side scrolling shooting like 80s. Episode 2! (quoted from the flyer)

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