003. Omnidirectional sneaking shooting “GALAK-Z” (PS4, PSVita, Windows)

Charge: Unknown (Under development)
Official website: GALAK-Z : : The Dimensional
Developer: 17-Bit Hyper Depth

GALAK-Z. It is a modernized shooting game blending Subspace and Metal Gear Solid.



It seems old-fashioned shooting game. But an advanced AI and thoughtful gunship operation make DEEPLY MODERNIZED SHOOTING GAME! (quoted from the flyer)

GALAK-Z is an omnidirectional shooting or sneaking game which looks like Robot Animation.

Can you survive?

Can you survive? (reprinted from official website)

At first time I saw this game at BitSummit, I remembered “Subspace” : An omnidirectional shooting game that the weak to become the victim of the strong. I asked the developer and he said this game was effected by Subspace.

After pressing A Button in title screen, I guess the developers love Robot Animation too much. They must make these animations with self-satisfied smirk! It is a pity that I haven’t take photos. At game over screen, the hero’s helmet floats in space like Gundam Seed.

After playing this game, I think this game becomes very difficult when I am found by enemies. For example, there are 3 enemies. If I shoot them one by one, I am surrounded and my gunship must be star dusts. Lock on and blast off missiles to all of them, or let them go past. You can survive.

GALAK-Z flyer

GALAK-Z flyer

Anyway I love the gaming system, stage effects and excitability! This game will rolled out in this year so I will buy new PC and wait impatiently.




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